How to transfer programs from one computer to another

Total Uninstall can help transferring or deploying programs

Why Total Uninstall stand out from the crowd?

1. Build the install log for the program(s) that are going to be transferred. Select only one method.

Method 1: Installed programs functional module.

Analyze the program(s) for all associated files and registry items. For a multi-selection, select the bundle checkbox. Manually choose the "Advanced" analysis profile for the best results.

First step to move a program to new pc First step to transfer programs to new pc

Method 2: Monitored programs functional module.

Follow the steps to monitor the new program installation

2. Create the backup of the program/bundle

Open the create backup dialog (Ctrl+B) and press Enter to create the backup. In the last screen, copy the backup to the destination PC, a shared location or a portable disk.

Create backup for programs Copy the backup with transferred programs

3. On the destination PC import the backup program and restore it.

Please install Total Uninstall on the destination computer.

Main menu "File"->"Restore a program from backup..."

Transferring programs to new computer

4. If the program is not compatible with the new operating system, use the undo action

Main menu "File"->"Undo restoration..."

Cancel restoration

* Microsoft Office installation is very specific for the current operating system, and it is known as non transferable in the latest version of Total Uninstall. Things could change in the future version.