Total Uninstall command-line options

The executable program that interprets commands is TuCmd.exe. The program is part of the Ultimate edition package available only after purchase.

The program sets an error level on return that corresponds to bellow values:

Total Uninstall command-line program options

Current version supports the bellow commands. Others can be implemented at request.

Option Parameters Meaning
/snapshot [<snapshot_name>|<file_full_path.zsns> [<scan_profile>]] Creates a system snapshot using default or specified scanning profile. The snapshot name is optional, default name is generated from current date and time.
/import <> [<>] Converts the program/bundle backup archive created on another system with Total Uninstall to be compatible with the current system. This step is required for a program transfer operation.
/restore <>|<> [<restore_profile>] Restore a compatible program/bundle backup archive on the current system.